Aged Care and Older Persons Services at SALHN

As people age, many will experience one or more chronic diseases and most will experience an acute illness of some sort.  Older people, who have had a major illness, injury or surgery or are affected by an age related problem, can find it difficult to manage their daily lives and maintain their independence. Whether it’s their mobility, ability to communicate or their wellbeing that is affected, people’s everyday lives can be affected impacted by their health status.

SALHN provides a range of health services specifically for the older person to assist them to recover from their injury or illness and to help them be more independent, adjust to new ways of doing things and enabling them to lead a more active, mobile life.

Services for older people can be offered in a range of locations, depending on the person’s needs, the level of support they have available and the medical condition they currently need assistance to manage.

Inpatient services

Older persons medical clinics

  • Aged Care Clinic
  • Memory Clinic
  • Syncope (Tilt Table) Clinic
  • Falls Clinic
  • Nursing Home Visiting Service
  • Southern Fleurieu Aged Care Clinic

Transitional services

Community based services


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