Health Service Planning at SALHN

SALHN has a dedicated Health Service Planning Team, that reports directly to the Chief Strategy Officer.

The Health Service Planning Team is responsible for the development of SALHN’s key planning activities including:

  • Integrated Planning Framework
  • Local Area Needs Assessment
  • SALHN Health Service Plan
  • Clinical Service Plans
  • Clinical Service Capability Framework Assessment
  • Ambulatory Care Services Plan
  • Southern Redevelopment Stage 2 planning
  • General planning activities linked to SALHN and state-wide planning.

This team plays a vital role in ensuring services in SALHN are well placed to deliver the care the southern community needs now and into the future through the Health Service Planning process.

The team are working closely with clinical services to empower and support staff to plan and shape what their service should look like, with Clinical Service Planning well underway across a number of areas.

For further information or to contact the Health Service Planning team, please email