ED Older Persons Services at Flinders Medical Centre

The SALHN ED Older Persons Service (OPS) has been developed to support the care of our most vulnerable older people and reduce unnecessary presentations and admissions to hospital for older people with complex psychosocial, functional and acute medical needs, and to reduce their length of hospital stay in the event of admission.

This service aims to enable the early identification, assessment, care planning, and management of ‘at risk’ older people.


Single Point of Contact (SPoC) 8204 7258 (67258)

The SPoC Nurse Consultant provides support to the Emergency Department (ED) Team in the management of older people presenting to the ED who have been identified as having complex psychosocial, functional and acute medical needs. They provide advice and care coordination for older people presenting to (or at risk of presenting to) ED, with a particular focus on frail older people and those living in RACFs.

SPoC nurses also liaise with, among others, SAAS services, Aged Care Package Providers, Metropolitan and County Referral Units, Virtual Care Service, General Practitioners (GPs), other specialist nurses both within and outside of the hospital, the CARE service, and GEM@HOME.

The aim is safe supported discharge.

The SPoC also provides a single point of contact for RACFs and GPs to support decision making regarding the need for an older person to present to ED. SPoC nurses also assist with decisions regarding eligibility for admission under the OPAL and RCOT teams.

Service hours

7 days per week, extended hours 10.00am to 6.00pm.
Based within the ED department accessing all areas.


Older Persons Assessment and Liaison (OPAL) Unit. A Geriatric Medical Service

Consider patients who present to the ED and who are:

  • Aged > 80 years (65 if ATSI) AND present with:

    • Increasing / worsening cognitive impairment

    • MULTIPLE falls

    • New onset confusion / delirium

    • Significant frailty not attributed to malignancy

    • Acute frailty following trauma

    • Otherwise well, but not coping at home with current level of care and not wanting permanent placement

    • BPSD / responsive behaviours unable to be managed in community (wandering, aggression, disinhibition, acutely unsafe 2o dementia)

    • Seniors at risk

Residential Care Outreach Team (RCOT)

RCOT admit those from a Residential Aged Care Facility over 65 years (45 if ATSI) requiring medical work up with the aim to return them to their RACF within 72 hours. (MINDA residents are excluded - Aged Care vs NDIS funding). The RCOT nurse’s role has been superseded by the CARE team from Repat. 

Week day medical cover — 8.00am to 5.00pm, available weekend mornings.

Note: AMU Medical Team kindly provide cover outside these hours.


ED Allied Health Service

Physiotherapists and social workers have clearly defined roles alongside pre-existing ED services.

The ED Allied Health Team provides services especially for ED patients over 65 years old who require them. All other disciplines are available to see all patients, regardless of age. They assess, provide equipment as required and on refer. Their goal is also focussed on safe supported discharge. This is coordinated by the Allied Health Team Leaders (AHTL).

Service hours

Allied Health Team Leader - 7 days, extended hours 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Allied Health Services - 7 days, 8.00am to 4.00pm.


Allied Health Team Leader (AHTL)

Phone: 8204 7797 (67797)