Our Local Health Networks

Local Health Networks (LHNs) manage the delivery of public hospital services and other community based health services as determined by the state government.

Each LHN:

  • comprises a range of public hospital and health care sites and services, which may include community health and residential services for the aged and other vulnerable groups
  • has a geographical or functional connection.

While a number of reforms will be delivered through this structure, state governments will continue to:

  • fund public hospital services (under a joint arrangement with the Commonwealth)
  • be responsible for system-wide public hospital performance, management, planning (including capital planning) and policy development
  • be responsible for planning, funding and delivery of  teaching, training and research
  • determine, through service agreements with their LHNs, service delivery and state-wide planning
  • manage state-wide public hospital industrial relations functions.

South Australia's Local Health Networks

There are five LHNs in South Australia established as incorporated hospitals under the Health Care Act 2008. These are:

  • Central Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Women’s and Children’s Health Network
  • Country Health SA Local Health Network*

The LHNs are accountable to the state government for performance management and planning.

* From 1 July 2019, six new regional LHNs will commence operation and Country Health SA LHN will cease operation.  For more information, visit the Governance Reforms Page.

The State Government is reforming SA Health’s governance arrangements and is establishing Local Health Network (LHN) Governing Boards. The new Governing Boards will become fully operational from 1 July 2019. For more information, visit the Governing Boards page.


The Local Health Networks are currently supported by Governing Councils.

The Governing Councils key roles are to monitor and provide advice on improving clinical care outcomes within the LHN, with a particular focus on local service integration, performance the safety and quality of services and consumer engagement.

Each Governing Council has representation from health or hospital management, business/financial management, clinical experience, consumer and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience.

To avoid duplication with the role and function of the LHN Governing Boards which will commence operation on 1 July 2019; it is proposed that the metropolitan Governing Councils will be dissolved via the Health Care (Governance) Amendment Bill 2019.

Due to the unique role of the Country Health SA Governing Council in holding assets and gift funds on trust for the unincorporated country Health Advisory Councils (HACs), it is proposed that this Governing Council is retained for a period of time while discussions occur with the relevant Health Advisory Councils about future management of these assets and funds.

Under this proposal, from 1 July 2019, the Country Health SA Governing Council will be retained only for the specific purpose of managing the HACs’ assets and funds. This will ensure there is no duplication with the role and functions of the regional LHN Governing Boards.


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