Information for medical practitioners contracted by regional local health networks

All medical practitioners

The following resources contain information for all medical practitioners, including general practitioners, medical trainees and specialists, contracted by regional local health networks (LHNs). 

General practitioners (GPs) and medical trainees

The following resources contain information for GPs and medical trainees contracted by regional LHNs under the SA Health Rural GP Agreement 2022-24 or South Australian Rural Medical Fee Agreement 2017.

SA Health Rural GP Agreement 2022-24

The regional LHNs and Rural Support Service recognise that contracted GPs are the core of the rural medical workforce in South Australia and remain central to the delivery of rural medical care in the future.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the regional LHNs, the AMASA and the RDASA regarding rural GPs was signed on 24 January 2022. The MOU reflects the in‐principle agreement between the parties reached on 4 January 2022 regarding the remuneration and conditions that are offered to rural GPs contracted by regional LHNs.

The contractual commitments in relation to the provision of medical services and fee schedules are now a matter between the individual GP/GP clinic (contracting entity) and the regional LHN, in the form of the new SA Health Rural GP Agreement 2022-24. The new arrangement provides greater flexibility for the parties to negotiate outcomes that better reflect the service needs of the individual LHNs, as well as providing more attractive remuneration options for the contracting entity, thereby supporting a sustainable and efficient rural health service in South Australia.

The MOU and new GP agreement replace the South Australian Rural Medical Fee Agreement 2017 (SARMFA) and South Australian Rural Medical Engagement Responsibilities (SARMER) document. The new GP agreement contains significant increases to the rates payable to contracted GPs, with the total package representing an increase of more than 20% per annum compared to the 2017 SARMFA.

The new fees and payments will be operative from 1 February 2022 and available to GPs on accepting a contract under the new agreement by 30 June 2022. Retrospective payments to 1 February 2022 will be made, within four to six weeks of signing the new GP agreement, for services provided under the 2017 SARMFA.

The key features of the new agreement are as follows:

  • A sign-on payment is available to all current GPs who accept and sign a new agreement to provide services with a regional LHN and is a one‐off payment of $12,000 (excl. GST). The payment is conditional on the GP, currently engaged under the 2017 agreement, accepting a new agreement within five months of 1 February 2022. The payment may only be made once to each eligible GP. The sign-on payment will not be available beyond 30 June 2022.
  • A new rural attraction payment of up to $50,000 (excl. GST) is payable to GPs beginning practice, and providing hospital services, in Modified Monash Model (MMM) category six and seven locations (17 sites), with eligibility and the amount payable to be determined by the LHN. This payment is not payable in conjunction with the sign-on payment.
  • The offsite sessional rate has been increased to $2,050 excl. GST for 24 hours.
  • There is a new onsite sessional rate ranging from $220/hour to $250/hour excl. GST (depending on time worked, i.e. weekday, weeknight, weekend day, weekend night and public holidays).
  • The on-call allowance under the FFS payment model is $440 excl. GST from Monday to Thursday and $880 on weekends and public holidays.
  • There are new provisions enabling contracted GPs to claim $660 after completion of six mandatory training models: Code of Ethics, Fire Training, Open Disclosure, Aseptic Technique, Aboriginal Health and Cultural Awareness Training, and Infection Control.
  • Attendance of meetings including preparation time will be paid at $220/hour calculated to the nearest 15 minutes. Meetings are defined as committee meetings established by SA Health as part of process improvements aimed at clinical safety and quality improvements, accreditation, health service planning/performance, audit and risk management, development and implementation of models of care. All time spent in preparation, attendance and follow-up work is claimable.

Contracting entities that will be offered a new GP agreement will be contacted by the respective executive director of medical services (EDMS) to discuss the new arrangement and payment offer, with the current arrangements to continue until a new GP agreement has been signed.

For further details please refer to the following resources:

If you have any questions, please contact the EDMS in your regional LHN or email

South Australian Rural Medical Fee Agreement 2017 (SARMFA)


The following resources contain information for specialists contracted by regional LHNs.

Further information

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