Aboriginal Health Care Framework 2023-2031

The SA Health Aboriginal Health Care Framework 2023-2031 (PDF 9.75MB) is an evidence-based policy framework that sets the long-term strategic intent in guiding SA Health’s efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of South Australian Aboriginal people.

The Framework has been designed in partnership with key Aboriginal stakeholders including the Aboriginal Health Council, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, community groups, other health sector providers, and Aboriginal South Australians.

The Framework sets the direction for SA Health’s investment in Aboriginal health by outlining four strategic priorities:

  1. Healthier Aboriginal communities
  2. Strengthen Aboriginal workforce
  3. Improve health service access and delivery
  4. Partner for better outcomes

The Framework highlights the importance of a partnership approach, combining the efforts of government, non-government and community-controlled sectors working with communities.

Guided by the Framework, SA Health will create a stronger and more responsive health system that supports the specific needs of Aboriginal people.