Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHNhas an important role in improving the health and wellbeing of South Australians by delivering world-class integrated healthcare and general and quaternary hospital services.

We work closely with a range of partners and world-leading researchers to give our patients access to the latest treatments, leading to better care.

Visit our portal to find out more about how we are shaping the future of health with world-class care and world-class research.   

Our services

CALHN brings together service at key locations such as; 

We also deliver a range of specialised community and clinical health services across the state including;

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CALHN Governing Board

Visit the Central Adelaide LHN portal to learn more about the members of the Central Adelaide LHN Governing Board. https://centraladelaide.health.sa.gov.au/governance/

Governing Board — Agendas

Governing Board — Minutes

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For further information or any questions concerning the Governing Board or Governing Council please contact HealthCALHNOCEOCorrespondence@sa.gov.au

CALHN Executive Team

Visit the CALHN portal to learn more about the members of the Central Adelaide LHN Executive Team. https://centraladelaide.health.sa.gov.au/structure/