Aboriginal Health Framework and Action Plan 2021-2026

NALHN’s Aboriginal Health Framework and Action Plan 2021-2026 sets the direction and parameters for the Network’s five-year strategy to address Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health in the northern and north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Combined with NALHN’s Reconciliations Action Plan and Aboriginal Workforce Action Plan, NALHN is well placed to achieve its vision of and goals of closing the health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians in the NALHN catchment area.

The Framework and Action Plan will also support the implementation of the six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Actions within the National Safety and Quality Health Standards. NALHN is committed to providing high-quality, patient-centred care and aspires to be a leader in providing culturally responsive services to the Aboriginal population. Aboriginal health is a priority across NALHN and underpinned by our strategic directions and values.

At NALHN, we recognise that everyone has a story; everyone matters; everyone contributes; and everyone grows. Providing the appropriate and deserved level of care to all our community is something we strive to do every day. NALHN is committed to improving health services from primary prevention, sub-acute services, and tertiary care to the Aboriginal population through an integrated health care system, supporting people across their lifespan.

Similarly, it will undertake a life course approach and identify strategic measurements of success. It seeks to provide an effective benchmark to measure contributions towards closing the gap in health disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in our catchment area.