Research grants at NALHN

The Research Secretariat is here to help you with all of your research grant activity including:

  • Helping you to locate possible grants
  • Liaising with any University partners
  • Checking your grant application before you submit it
  • Processing your grant when it’s awarded
  • Reviewing your grant contract
  • Assisting you with lodging and recording your progress reports
  • Closing your project

Grant cover sheet

All grant submissions and awards must be lodged through the Research Secretariat by filling out:

  1. Grant application cover sheet (DOC 297KB)
  2. CEO Endorsement Grant Submission Template (DOC 51KB)

Useful links to funding sources

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Grants Officer, NALHN Research Secretariat
Phone: (08) 8282 0370
Address: Lyell McEwin Hospital, Level 2 Clinical Trials Unit, Haydown Road, Elizabeth Vale SA 5112