Admission and discharge at Noarlunga Hospital


A bracelet identification band will be issued to all patients for their admission which needs to be worn throughout their stay. Patients should tell their doctor or a nurse of any allergies they have to antibiotics, medication or food, as well as any medication they take at home.

Personal effects and valuables

Patients should not bring any valuables or money with them to hospital, other than a small amount for newspapers or magazines. If they must bring valuables, the patient can ask a member of the nursing staff to deposit the items with the cashier for safekeeping.

In line with Australian Standards, all patient-owned electrical items must be safety tested and tagged prior to use. This can be done at the hospital if you let staff know. Notify staff of any electrical goods, eg laptops, hair dryers, shavers or such that you wish to use.


Discharges are usually made in the morning by 10.45am. Please arrange your own transport from hospital, regardless of how you arrived. Transport arrangements should be made the day prior to your discharge to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Please note, there is no discharge lounge at Noarlunga Hospital.

Before leaving hospital, make sure that you and anyone involved in your care understands what ongoing treatment you may require. Your health care team will arrange for any special services, such as Hospital@Home, if you need them.

A letter summarising your treatment will be sent to your GP.