Working in the country for the first time can be exciting and rewarding but also stressful and challenging without the right support. 

The Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) aims to ensure that allied health professionals (AHPs) new to rural and remote practice are well supported in their first year of practice, while transitioning to working in country South Australia.

The allied health TPPP is offered to any new graduate AHPs and early career AHPs new to regional Local Health Networks.

Key objectives of TPPP 

  • Provide support to assist transition to rural and remote practice
  • Assist to orientate to the regional LHNs and SA Health 
  • Improve understanding of challenges facing rural healthcare  and the associated personal and professional opportunities
  • Improve awareness of the resources and supports available
  • Reduce feelings of social and professional isolation
  • Increase networking opportunities to build peer support
  • Positively influence early career AHP's intention to continue working in a regional LHN.

Transition to Professional Practice Program

The TPPP experience offers:

  • TPPP Educator/Coordination and education support team
  • Orientation and evaluation session (face to face in Adelaide)
  • Eight, monthly support meetings via MS Teams
  • Peer support 

Allied Health Professionals share their experiences

More information

If you would like more information about TPPP for AHPs, please email the TPPP team: