We welcome internationally trained health professionals to express their interest to work for SA Health in South Australia.

We are looking for international applicants with transferable skills and qualifications for medical, nursing and midwifery, and allied and scientific health positions.

A well-presented, easy to read application will allow the panel to assess the information they need from your application. To give yourself the best opportunity to reach an interview, your application should clearly and concisely demonstrate to the selection panel that you are suitably equipped to perform a role in your profession.

Your application

The following format is recommended, unless a specific role specifies otherwise.

Online Application

Complete the Online Application, which enables you to share your personal details and information relevant to the position, including your employment history, education, qualifications and professional memberships. The online application has room for you to attach up to three nominated referees, their positions and their contact details.

Covering letter

Attach a covering letter of up to two (2) pages. Introduce yourself to the selection panel and describe your skills, abilities, knowledge, qualifications and experience in relation to the position.


Attach a current Resume that includes your personal details, relevant employment history, education, training courses, qualifications and professional memberships/registration.

Candidates may submit a resume, cover letter and a copy of any relevant qualifications to the SA Health Recruitment Drive for Health Professionals.

Where a vacancy is identified that matches your qualifications and experience, you may be invited to interview for a specific role.

Prior to expressing interest for a role, please carefully review the professional registration requirements.

Professional Registration

The process for gaining registration as a health professional in Australia is overseen by the relevant National Boards, which are supported in their functions by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra).

If you gained your qualifications in a country other than Australia or New Zealand, there will be additional registration requirements.

There are some professions not yet regulated by Ahpra, for example social workers and sonographers, where assessment is undertaken by the relevant association.

Use the links below to review the registration requirements of the relevant National Board and associations:


Nursing and Midwifery

Allied and Scientific Health


International applicants and accompanying family members will require a visa to work in Australia. If you meet the eligibility criteria, SA Health will sponsor your visa and help you work through the visa process. You may also wish to engage a registered migration agent.

There are a range of visas that allow overseas candidates to work in Australia. Which visa is right for you will depend on the role you are applying for, your specific skills and qualifications and other personal circumstances. For example, some visas may require you to be a certain age, and some visas may be nominated and processed by the employer.

Common visa types for health professionals, for which SA Health is an approved sponsor:

Alternatively, you may be eligible for a state-sponsored visa. There are many occupations and pathways for South Australian state nomination which are available on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.


Commencement dates for internationally trained candidates may vary, which is often due to processing times and providing the necessary documentation. The below is a guide only for all health professionals, and is dependent on your registration pathway, how quickly you can provide the necessary documentation through the visa and registration processes, and visa processing timeframes.

  • Registration: approximately 6-10 weeks from when an official offer of employment is made
  • Visa: approximately 5-11 months, which may run concurrently to your registration depending on your profession and visa
  • Starting your new role with SA Health: approximately 6-12 months from the offer of employment, once your registration and visa are in place.


We understand that the costs of moving to another country can be a significant consideration. Relocation allowances may vary, based on the role and its location. We recommended that you discuss relocation support with the hiring manager if you progress to interview.

In addition, for some visa types the employer will fund airfares for successful candidates.

Costs to consider include:

  • Registration or accreditation costs. This will also include the necessary criminal history checks and document certifications required for the registration process.
  • Visa costs.
  • Relocation costs to Australia, including travel, freight and settlement costs.

A registered migration agent will be able to provide you with further information about specific costs.