Intermediate Care Service (ICS) at NALHN

Living with a chronic condition can be challenging physically and emotionally.  The Intermediate Care Service (ICS) team works with people with chronic conditions to help them improve their health and wellbeing.

Our team aims to help people avoid hospital admission where possible and support early discharge for people with chronic conditions and complex needs.

Services available to

ICS is available for people who have one or more of the following chronic conditions:

  • diabetes
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/asthmas (or other lung conditions)
  • heart failure or other heart conditions
  • vulnerable clients.

We support

Our service supports:

  • integration between hospital and community providers
  • a single point of entry for access to the full suite of community based Allied Health services as required
  • episodic, criteria led interventions, prioritised for those at high risk of admission/presentation.
  • comprehensive screening and assessment of health and psychosocial needs/risk factors
  • person centred care provided on site or in the home setting.


Our service includes:

  • CHAMP (Chronic Conditions Hospital Avoidance Management Program) – Support to learn and practice living well with chronic condition/s.  Our team help people to make a plan to get them back to doing things they enjoy.
  • Exercise Physiology – Support to get back on track, with more strength and energy to live well.  Our Exercise Physiologists help you find ways that you can move to improve and manage your health and chronic condition/s.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – Support lifelong healthy eating habits for the prevention and management of chronic condition/s through increased understanding of the relationship between food and drink intake and health.
  • Occupational Therapy – Support to improve and maintain independence in day-to-day activities through the use of equipment, changing the home environment or learning new ways to complete an activity.
  • Physiotherapy (Pulmonary Rehabilitation) – Program for those with lung conditions to improve their symptoms of breathlessness and increase physical activity. 
  • Podiatry – Assessment and management plans for those at risk of foot ulceration due to chronic conditions.
  • Social Work – Support for emotional and social factors that impact on ability to manage own health and wellbeing and to improve quality of life.


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