Intensive Care Unit Research at Lyell McEwin Hospital

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Lyell McEwin (LMH) encourages clinical and observational or quality research within the department. The ICU is a part of the Critical Care Division of the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network and is well situated to offer clinical trials and research opportunities to patients in such areas as:

  • Intensive Care/Critical Care Research encompassing all aspects of care and treatments in this cohort of patients
  • The ICU may collaborate with the Emergency Department or other relevant Departments, Universities and/or other hospital health researchers involving our ICU patients or staff members

The Lyell McEwin ICU participates in locally or multicentre investigator initiated projects and multicentre studies conducted with the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group (ANZICS CTG) with the site Principal Investigators for these studies from our experienced and dedicated team of ICU Consultants.

The Intensive Care has a dedicated team of medical, nursing and allied health staff that support, participate and collaborate in any research conducted within the Unit. A Nurse Consultant - ICU Research Coordinator is based within the Intensive Care Unit and works alongside the Principal Investigators in collaborating with the study teams and the ICU multidisciplinary team ensuring that all research is conducted to a high standard.

ICU (CICM) trainees and ICU Registrars are required as part of their training to participate in research and may complete a Formal Project during their time in the ICU and are supported within the Unit to conduct, present and publish their studies.

Information for patients

Our ICU proudly participates in world leading ICU research and you may be asked if you or your loved one can be enrolled or continue participation in a current study being conducted within the Unit. You are under no obligation to participate and every component of the research, including any possible risk will be explained to you by either a Senior Medical Officer or the ICU Nurse Consultant – Research Coordinator.

If you are a patient or family member of a patient considering participating in one of our current studies, or you have participated in one of our studies and would like further information, please contact the ICU Research Coordinator or the Principal Investigator of the study via email or phone.

Information for sponsors

If you are considering our ICU for participation in your study please email the ICU Research Coordinator who will consult with the ICU Head of Unit and Research lead Consultant and consider site feasibility and the coordination of the study.

Our researchers

  • Dr Rajaram Ramadoss (ICU Head of Unit)
  • Dr Vishwanath Biradar (ICU Research Lead Consultant)
  • Ms Natalie Soar – Nurse Consultant - ICU Research Coordinator
  • Dr Milind Sanap
  • Dr Roy Fischer
  • Dr Ishaq Ruknuddeen
  • Dr Timothy Beckingham
  • Dr Richard Chalwin
  • Dr Mrudula Kanhere
  • Dr Rod Mitchell
  • Dr Rajkumar Satyavolu (ICU Senior Registrar)
  • Dr Selveraj Subramaniam (ICU Senior Registrar)

Contact us

For further information about Intensive Care Unit Research at LMH please contact the NALHN Research Secretariat:

Phone: (08) 8182 9346
Lyell McEwin Hospital
Level 2 Clinical Trials Unit
Haydown Road
Elizabeth Vale SA 5112