The Yorke and Northern Local Health Network manage the delivery of public hospital services and other community-based health services as determined by the state government for the Yorke and Northern community.

The Yorke and Northern Local Health Network provide health care access to approximately 77,000 people within the Yorke Peninsula, Southern Flinders and the Lower and Mid North areas of South Australia.

The Local Health Network consists of 16 regional hospitals, 6 community health sites, and 15 mixed state and commonwealth funded residential aged care (182 beds).

Residents have access to a wide range of health care services, including emergency care, acute inpatient treatment, surgical, maternal and neonatal, renal dialysis, medium-low risk chemotherapy, residential aged care, outpatient services, and mental health services.

The health units within the Yorke and Northern Local Health Network have dedicated, experienced staff who strive to meet the needs of the community by providing the highest level of health care.