Our staff share a common purpose and direction to make a difference to the lives of South Australian families every day.

These are embedded in our Network values of Compassion, Respect, Equity, Accountability and working Together for Excellence, which we refer to as our CREATE values.

Creating a Diverse Workforce

We aim to create a diverse workforce that represents the community we serve.

We believe that creating diversity in employment creates a diverse and culturally safe services for all our patients and clients. 

We use a range of diversity employment programs to seek candidates and encourage you to register for these various diversity programs if you are eligible. 

Aboriginal Employment and Engagement

Our Network is committed to increasing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander participation in our workforce through our Aboriginal Action Plan and our Aboriginal Employment Strategy.

We recognise the disadvantage suffered by Aboriginal peoples within Australia and research which substantiates that Aboriginal people suffer lower outcomes relating to health, education and employment across Australia.

We are committed to reducing the gap and creating equity in the selection process to acknowledge such disadvantage. Our aim is to ensure that Aboriginal people including women, babies, children, young people their families and communities have the right access health care services in a safe and nurturing environment where their culture, community, spiritual identity and traditional ownership of the land is supported and respected by the people who will care for them.

We know that having a workforce that is representative of our Aboriginal clients, patients their families and communities being is essential.

We stand by this commitment via actions taken aligned to our Aboriginal Health Plan (2018-2022) (PDF 5.2MB) and our Aboriginal Workforce Strategy (2018-2022) (PDF 3.4MB), these documents guide our work and enable us to continually strive for better outcomes for Aboriginal people, families and communities.

To achieve better employment outcomes for Aboriginal people, we actively use the SA Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Register to access Aboriginal people who may be interested to work with us.  If you are interested, and have registered on this register, then please feel free to contact us and let us know you are there and interested to work with us.  If you are not registered, click the link above and follow the instructions provided.

Please speak to our Aboriginal Workforce Strategist on (08) 8161 8574 to have a chat about opportunities.

Supporting our new recruits

As a new employee, you will be provided with on-site orientation and induction to the specific area you will be working, and in addition you will be given the opportunity to complete a range of on-line courses that will help you to settle in with us.

Your manager will guide you in relation to what training you are required to do, and any further training recommended as part of your induction.  At WCHN we encourage managers to ensure new employees do this training early, before you are swept away and absorbed into your work.

Some of our areas will offer individualised, intensive induction programs, be sure to speak to your manager about whether this applies to your role.

For work, for life

We want you to make the most of all South Australia has to offer which is why the Women’s and Children’s Health Network offers a range of flexible working arrangements to suit your personal circumstances.  You can work with us as a casual, choosing your hours and days of work, or work full-time or part time.

Our shift rosters are stable and enable you to plan well ahead for personal commitments and enable you to balance all of those things outside of work or offering you flexibility in the hours and days you choose to work. 

As a testament to our commitment to flexibility, over half or our workforce work part-time and, regardless of gender our part-time staff work on average 3 days a week, and over.  If this type of arrangement would suit you, please ensure you speak to the Hiring Manger or Enquiries person of the job you are considering.

Supporting your wellbeing

Across the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, we have a strong safety culture, we understand that the work can have its challenges, which can have an impact on you and sometimes it can be hard to leave “at the door”.  If you work with us, we will provide you with a range of health and wellbeing supports to help you be the best you can be, both at work and at home.

We offer an Employee Assistance Program which is accessible by all our staff and immediate family members.  You can access psychologists, social workers or counsellors through this program for free.

You can also access local support via our various professional development activities supporting health and wellbeing, as well as being part of a strong culture and leadership ethos that does not tolerate any forms of mental, physical or emotional abuse, either within or from external sources.

We promise to do what we can to keep you safe at work.

Salary Sacrifice and salary benefits

In additional to your salary, in most roles with us (including full-time, part-time, casual or contract employment), you will also have access to salary sacrifice benefits for certain expenses pre-tax.  This reduces your taxable income, meaning you may pay less tax to increase your disposable income.

Maxxia is the SA Government’s sole service provider for salary sacrifice and novated vehicle leasing, which makes it simple for you to access these benefits once you commence with us.  You can read more about how this works on the Maxxia website, select Healthcare and Charities tab and this will outline what is available to you.

You can also use their Salary Packaging Calculator to work out what you can save.  Use the salary provided on the Job Advertisement to use as a guide and follow the instructions.  This will show you an approximate of the benefit received (subject to formal application).

Your continuing Education and Development

Our teams are at the forefront of education, and we support our people to excel in the care they provide.

We offer a range of opportunities for you to continue to develop your professional expertise.  This may include individual applications to attend certain development activities, or through our extensive program of development opportunities available in house.

We have a Centre for Education and Training which provides learning and professional development opportunities to all staff through formal learning, coaching/mentoring support and access to facilities and resources.

Our Centre for Education and Training is committed to ensuring that our staff have opportunities to learn and develop their skills and improve practice in delivering safe, quality services that is patient-centred and in line with our CREAT values.

View all our Programs.

Your career at WCHN

The Women’s and Children’s Health Network has developed a Capability Framework which details the competencies and capabilities that are expected of you in your role.  These capabilities are designed around your skills, personal abilities and expected behaviours that align to the WCHN CREATE Values.

This framework is used during your selection into our network and is also used during performance management and development activities.  As an employee, you will be required to participate in our Performance Development Program, which requires you to meet with your Managers half-yearly to discuss your performance.

This is a positive experience and an opportunity for you to consider how you are tracking against the competencies of the role, to discuss challenges, highlights and achievements throughout that past 6 months.

This is also an opportunity for you and your manager to discuss next steps in your career, and possibly set some targets on how you will achieve this.  We encourage you and our Managers to have these discussions with you and look for opportunities for you to progress within our Network.

Learn more about our Capability Framework (PDF 1.2MB).