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Our roles are advertised on two main Jobs Board:

Roles are advertised regularly so check regularly or set up a job alert and be notified when a role is available.

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Applying for roles at WCHN

We want you to have the best start to your career with us, right from the time you apply.

Who do we look for?

We are committed to achieving our vision to be a leading and respected health network for women, babies, children, young people and their families and communities. 

We are achieving this through implementing and providing our services underpinned by our CREATE together values of Compassion, Respect, Equity, Accountability and working Together for Excellence.  

If you share these values, then we would encourage you to consider us as your employer of choice.  You can read more about our values and how we apply them in our Strategy (2026) – Realising Potential, Creating Together (PDF 1.6KB).

How do we engage with our candidates?

As part of the South Australian Public Sector, we are committed to attracting and retaining high performing employees to deliver our services to the community of South Australia, and beyond.

Our Network plays a key role in building a stronger SA, and our workforce therefore needs to be responsive and agile, engaged with our consumers and patients to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves, their families and communities. 

Our employment decisions are underpinned by the belief that investment in our recruitment will ensure we select the best candidates for the roles within our Network, aligned to the requirements of that role as well as our create values enabling us to meet our community expectations.

Recruitment Campaigns and Employment Pools

The Women’s and Children’s Health Network makes every effort to ensure you can apply for our roles when the time is right for you. 

A number of our roles will be open for longer periods of time or on an ongoing basis which enables you to decide when you are ready.  Our campaigns will always be advertised through the jobs boards, so if you have a job alert you will be advised of them.  We do refresh them annually, so you can reapply.

To create better flexibility in when and where we make offers, some roles will enable you to be part of our Employment Pool.  If you are successful at being recommended for an employment pool, this means that your application will remain active for 12 months, and you may be contacted at any time to be offered a role.

This gives you the flexibility to accept an offer when it suits you, and not be concerned about reapplying for the same role. 

Tips on finding out more about our roles

Generally, we would recommend that you set up a job alert for the roles that you are interested in.  Each position advertised will have an enquiries person that you can contact and ask questions about the role.

Each Job also has what we call a “Job Pack” the job pack generally provides you with all the information you need about the position including what you will do, who you are responsible to and for, the skills you need to do the role and any other information which may assist you to apply.

Check out these jobs, along with all the information on our website about the services we offer, this will give you a general view of the work and what you will be required to do.  At any time you may wish to contact the enquiries person on the Job Advert to find out more specifically about that role.

Essential requirements

All of our roles have special conditions attached to them, which outline what you are required to hold or have to be employed by us.

These are detailed in the special conditions section in the Role Description (Job Pack).

When looking at a role, please ensure you read through these conditions and ensure that you meet these conditions or have taken action to meet these conditions. 

Although each role may be slightly different, common conditions include:

  • Hold and maintain a SA Working with Children Check (WWCC) and other related clearances while working with us
  • Hold and maintain a relevant Criminal History Check while working with us
  • Meet Immunisation Risk Category A (direct contact with blood or body substances) plus any ongoing immunisation requirements (for direct patient care)
  • Must be Registered or eligible for registration a range of professional boards or associations (related to your discipline)
  • Be prepared (if required) to undertake work at various locations in metropolitan Adelaide
  • Be prepared (if required) to participate in Counter Disaster activities
  • Be eligible to work in Australia and show evidence of such

For more information please go to:

Be part of shaping our new Women’s & Children’s Hospital

We are currently building a state-of-the-art facility that will give South Australian families and communities access to the most advanced hospital care, technology and medical research for generations to come.  To read more about how you can be part of this exiting project.

Hear more about this exiting project on the New Women’s and Children’s Hospital Project website.

Information for International Applicants

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital will offer sponsorship for positions in shortage and after we have made efforts to find suitable applicants locally.  If you are interested in living and working in South Australia, you are strongly encouraged to take the lead, and apply for appropriate working visas through the Department of Home Affairs.  Having a relevant visa with full working rights (in most cases) would be your best option. 

You can also check out the Immigration SA site for further information on any special requirements to seek application to live and work in South Australia.

For our professional roles, you will require registration and an assessment of your qualifications to check equivalency.  It is important that you research this information yourself before applying.  There are no exceptions to these requirements, so if you are unable to seek appropriate qualification equivalency, obtain registration or an appropriate working visa we would encourage you to finalise these matters before applying for a role with us.

We would strongly encourage you to read the International applicant guidelines to obtain full details of these requirements.