Photo of Nirmal - a Registered Nurse (RN) at Karoonda and District Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Nirmal – Registered Nurse, Karoonda and District Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital

Nirmal is a Registered Nurse (RN) at Karoonda and District Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital. He is very friendly, highly-valued by his team, and much loved by his patients.

Nirmal grew up in South India and was raised in a family of health professionals. Nirmal’s father works in pathology, his mum works as a teacher and his brother is a doctor.

Caring comes naturally to Nirmal, and he took it upon himself to be the primary carer for his very sick grandfather from an early age.

Nirmal emigrated to Australia in 2019 and undertook a nursing placement in a 120-bed aged care facility in Brisbane. In June 2022, he made the move to country South Australia, choosing Karoonda.

“I absolutely love my work here in this diverse and very beautiful Riverland Mallee Coorong region, and my skills and proficiency have grown tremendously,” said Nirmal. “If you’re wanting a challenge, the broad scope of learning opportunities and experiences on offer in the country, especially in acute clinical procedure, are just amazing,” he said.

“In Karoonda I am blessed to work with a friendly, efficient, skilled and professional team – with exceptional people in leadership – which is so very important for career satisfaction and progression.

“Our primary focus is on providing person-centred healthcare excellence for our wonderful patients.
“Working in a rural hospital, you must be able to deal with everything. You never get bored and it’s very rewarding. There is always something new to learn to help others.”

Photo of Darryle – Aboriginal Health Team Leader, Barmera Health ServiceDarryle – Aboriginal Health Team Leader, Barmera Health Service

Darryle is a Barkindji man and our, highly-skilled and experienced Aboriginal Health Team Leader in the Riverland.

Darryle has been working as a Registered Nurse (RN) since 2007.

“My nursing experience has been quite broad,” Darryle said. “I initially worked in Adelaide as a RN in the emergency, cardiac, orthopaedic and neurology departments at Flinders Medical Centre in the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network - SALHN.

“I’ve also been working in the Closing the Gap-Integrated Team Care program for over ten years and received my mental health qualification in 2017. I’ve been working in mental health ever since."

Darryle has a strong connection to the Riverland community and camped with his father on the riverbanks at Blanchetown when he was a child.

“I moved to the Riverland 14 years ago for a better life for my children,” he said. “I feel quite strongly that the Riverland community is my community and that we are all one family (One Mob).”