Kick start your career in a highly attractive city

SA Health offers recognised world class training within a culture that places importance upon fostering a friendly, proactive, supportive, team environment - so important in an Emergency Department. This in a beautiful city that has been described as Australia's most liveable; envied for a full, easy-going lifestyle that neatly sidesteps many of the bugbears associated with Australia's other more crowded state capitals.

Join our team

We're looking for hard working and enthusiastic Emergency Physician Registrars with approximately five years medical experience, to join our Emergency Team working across teaching institutions including The Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, The Lyell McEwin Hospital and The Flinders Medical Centre. We will provide you with an initial 12 month contract, with an optional extension of up to 2 years.

You'll be looking for

A wide range of opportunities to learn in trauma, through advanced medicine and challenging cases. A proper, structured teaching program and generous access to professional development leave and money to support textbook purchase, courses and exams. You'll see the lifestyle benefits of living in Adelaide as providing a positive counterbalance to a hardworking, dedicated profession.

We're looking for

Highly motivated doctors who are passionate about career development and personal and professional growth. Those who readily take a lead role in in caring for the wide variety of patients seen in Emergency Departments while interacting well with their colleagues will find great opportunities within the South Australian Health System.

Learn and enjoy more than you thought possible in a year

Make no mistake, we want people who'll enjoy themselves here to the full, and take all the opportunities that we, the city and South Australia offer. You'll have the opportunity to combine travel with training and work, expanding your career and life experience while increasing the chances of gaining a specialisation.

Where you'll work

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Royal Adelaide Hospital

South Australia's largest accredited teaching hospital is located in the heart of the city, and has an international reputation for teaching and medical research. For more information click here

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

This 307-inpatient bed acute care teaching hospital is where trainees work closely with all members of the ED team, as well as the medical and surgical teams. It is also the fourth busiest metropolitan emergency department. For more information click here

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Lyell McEwin Hospital

This is a 257-bed acute care teaching hospital with an ED that cares for over 51,000 patients a year and has the largest digital operating room complex in Australia, boasting six state-of-the-art digital theatres. For more information click here

Modbury Hospital

This 174-bed, acute care teaching hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency services to Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs. The Modbury Hospital Emergency Department provides health care to more than 32,000 people of all ages each year, who have life-threatening and non-life threatening emergencies. For more information click here

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

Flinders Medical Centre

A 593-bed specialist referral public teaching hospital and medical school co-located with Flinders University School Of Medicine and The Flinders Private Hospital. It's also the base for the South Australian Eye Bank and SA and Northern Territory Liver Transplant Unit. For more information click here

Noarlunga Hospital

The emergency department provides emergency services to the southern area, treating approximately 48,000 people a year. The ED team consists of medical officers, registered and enrolled nurses, mental health clinicians and liaison nurses, clerical staff and client support staff. There is also a short stay admission facility and 24-hour x-ray facilities. More seriously ill patients are transferred to the nearest major hospital, Flinders Medical Centre at Bedford Park. For more information click here

I trained overseas - do I qualify?

To qualify, you must first be assessed by the Australian Medical Council. To help with this process, they have created The Competent Authority Pathway. If you have passed the examinations or have completed training through an AMC-designated competent authority, you can apply to the AMC for assessment under this pathway. AMC-designated competent authorities are:

  • General Medical Council (United Kingdom - for the PLAB examination or for graduates of GMC - accredited medical courses in the United Kingdom)
  • Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates of the United States (USMLE)
  • Medical Council of New Zealand (NZREX)
  • Medical Council of Ireland (graduates of medical courses in Ireland accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland)

Some benefits of working with SA Health

Work and train in top tertiary hospitals

  • Emergency Medicine Specialist Trainees rotate within your local health network

Treatment starts in ED

  • In South Australia ED, doctors are responsible for assessment, diagnosis and treatment, not just triage

More time with your patients

  • We aim for a four-hour patient turnaround, but you'll always have enough time to take control and give your patients the treatment they need

A large support network

  • This allows you to focus on complex and urgent cases

Work in acute care

  • With ED, medical and surgical teams

Protected learning time

  • You'll be encouraged to use this time to study and expand your skill set

Good pay

  • An excellent salary that will take you a lot further in affordable South Australia

Flexible shifts

  • Manageable hours: you'll be able to take 3 or 4 days off in a row without drawing upon annual leave

What do your Emergency Physicians say about us?


I love the teaching culture. Our learning time is protected and I'm constantly learning new things and practising new skills. We even have the chance to teach students and interns, which is a good preparation for when I become a registrar. And because the training is recognised in the UK I never fell like I'm taking a step back in my career.


After graduation I did my training at Flinders and have spent four years here as a junior doctor. I plan to stay, completing my advanced training and focusing on paediatrics. Why Adelaide and SA Health? Importantly, the variety of work in a great working environment and the flexibility I need to balance my work and to bring up young children.

After six months maternity leave SA Health let me work part-time as long as I wanted and still get through my training. I''ve had great help: you're given money to spend on courses, textbooks and other professional development activities. I see the key working benefits as being in a good team, with a lot of support from supervisors and the wide variety of presentations, working with children, adults, and trauma. I've made friends at work, and see them socially. I think because we're Emergency Doctors we're seen as adrenalin junkies because Emergency is where the really sick people go. But that doesn't extend outside work, I de-stress by spending time with my family and going for walks. Flinders is located just ten minutes from the beach, and ten minutes to the Adelaide Hills. Adelaide's where I live, where I work and I love it!


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a great place to work. The pace here is less frantic and it runs very smoothly. Everybody knows what their job is, what to do and how to do it. Above all, our colleagues, registrars and consultants are great, so we have a really friendly team.


I've found a new home. After completing my medical degree in India I did my post grad degree in the UK and have been here at Flinders since 2009. It's a terrific place to work, with great people, in a friendly, supportive environment. The consultants are more like friends than your boss. I know the team I work with well, we see each other out of work. We're a close knit group - it's a family away from home.

Working shifts at night; it's a challenging environment made easier if you get along well with your colleagues. As a junior doctor I get fantastic support with my training through a properly structured teaching program. SA's pretty unique - you get professional development leave and money. Most junior doctors receive $7,000 a year. You see just as much trauma here as you would in a tertiary hospital in, say, Sydney. Adelaide's ideal. It's not a big city, or a small city and you get a bit of everything. Sport - I like fishing - culture, beaches, nice restaurants, and wineries close by. It's not crowded and it's a great place to bring up a family. I don't want to move anywhere else. It's been a good few years - it really is like having your cake and eating it, too.


My I've met a lot of people, made friends and no, I've never felt homesick: I feel at home here. Adelaide is a smaller community so you really get to meet people. And they are very welcoming and often invite you into their homes or even offer you a place to stay when you're travelling!

Cosmopolitan Adelaide

A population of just over 1 million means Adelaide's big enough to offer a little of everything: and in some respects more than most. With a blend of parklands, historic buildings, wide streets, cafes, bars and restaurants, we suffer none of the traffic problems associated with Australia's other cities, and many of SA Health's staff cycle or walk to work. We tend to take our wonderful climate for granted but you won't with rolling countryside, sandy beaches and surf close by and sixteen wine regions featuring more than 200 cellar doors within an hour of the city. Adelaide plays host to many major cultural - including the world renowned Adelaide Festival and WOMADelaide - and sporting events. The Adelaide Oval has been called the World's prettiest.

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