Repat Neuro-Behavioural Unit (RNBU)

SA Health has invested in a new Repat Neuro-Behavioural Unit (RNBU), located at the Repat Health Precinct to provide high quality, compassionate, relationship-centred care to highly vulnerable patients/consumers living with dementia. The care model places the person at the centre of individualised care including strong engagement with carers and loved ones both upon entry into the Unit and throughout the consumer journey.

The RNBU will care for people living with dementia, whose extreme behavioural and psychological symptoms mean their needs can’t be met in mainstream residential care.

The Unit will also include videoconferencing and telehealth facilities so the expertise of staff can be shared with clinicians in regional and remote areas.

The design of the facility has had input from people with lived experience of dementia, to ensure it meets the needs of our consumers.

The RNBU places strong emphasis on ensuring team members’ individual personal values align with a culture of relationship-centred care. The team have been supported by intensive on-boarding and will receive ongoing professional development opportunities.


As the Repat Neuro-Behavioural Unit is intended for only a small cohort of consumers living with dementia and experiencing the most severe and extreme behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, there are clear inclusion and exclusion criteria that consumers need to meet. Additionally, formal substitute decision makers have to consent to the referral and eventual transfer of care in order for a referral to be considered.

To assist referrers and carers/substitute decision makers to consider if the Repat NBU is the appropriate place-of-care for the person living with dementia, there is a suite of documents designed to be read and acknowledged prior to completing the referral form. The Repat Neuro-Behavioural Unit senior team will appraise the referral and will interact with the referrer once received.


Contact details

Phone: 08 7117 5700
Fax: 08 7117 5710