Repat Museum

The museum is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12pm to 2pm, or by special arrangement. Entry is free of charge.

Located on the sprawling Repat Health Precinct known as the 'Repat’ is an entirely volunteer-run museum containing a wealth of memorabilia relating to the hospital’s history as well as both world wars and other major conflicts.

The museum opened in 1992 on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Repatriation General Hospital in Daw Park. It was originally based in the hospital post office, which was a corrugated iron building, as were many of the original buildings on the site. It was established by volunteer David Ennis and his late wife Maxine.  In 2012 the museum moved into the building next door to make room for the growing historical collection.

During World War II, the hospital became the 105 Adelaide Military Hospital. The army camp and hospital were set up on part of Cudmore Farm on Daws Road. From 1947-1995, the hospital was under the control of the Repatriation Commission.

There is a display of heritage medical equipment relating to the hospital’s history as well as items used and made by returned soldiers undergoing occupational therapy. The collection also includes memorabilia from various theatres of war such as uniforms, medals, documentation, photographs, souvenirs, and trench art. In particular, there are several pieces connected to Prisoners of War including from the Thailand Burma Railway and Changi Prison.

The museum is not just important to the Repat, it is important to the veterans as well as the wider community. It is community heritage. It enables the generation of today to learn and be educated on our important history.

School bookings

With links to the Australian Curriculum, students can explore the Repat Museum to learn about the history of World War l and ll. They can also learn about the 105 Adelaide Military Hospital, which operated as a war hospital from 1942 – 1947 until it became the Repatriation General Hospital where it continued to serve both the veteran and public community until its closure in 2017.

The site also contains other historical buildings and places of interest including the Repat Chapel which opened in 1944, and the School’s Patriotic Fund (SPF) Hall, which opened in 1943, which was built using funds raised by the SPF and Red Cross, for the benefit of patients of the hospital.

Schools are welcome to come and enjoy an excursion through important South Australian history.

Contact details

For further information about booking a school visit please contact the Museum:
Telephone: 7117 2647