South Australia Medical Imaging (SAMI) is a statewide service that provides specialist, integrated, multi-discipline, medical imaging services to public and private inpatients, outpatients and emergency department patients within 6 metropolitan and 4 country South Australian hospitals.

SAMI is the largest public imaging provider in Australia and employs staff across a variety of disciplines including specialist radiologists, medical physicists, radiographers, sonographers, nursing and administrative support staff. With almost 800 staff, and approximately 600,000 examinations conducted on patients per year, the services provided by SAMI are provided by staff with expert knowledge and experience.

Our radiologists also provide reporting services to a further 37 country hospitals across the state. We also have a mobile Bone Density unit that visits country towns in SA.

Services provided by SAMI to Medicare eligible patients are bulk billed, so our patients have no out of pocket expenses when accessing our services.

South Australia Medical Imaging

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