Vaccine ordering

Accessing government funded program vaccines

Access to National and State funded vaccines requires approval from SA Health. To be approved to receive vaccines health professionals supply information through the registration process. To ensure the appropriate information is easily accessible, a checklist (PDF 225KB) has been developed to assist you.

Once the information is assessed and approval is granted an email is sent to the new immunisation provider with information on the fortnightly delivery schedule, the online Vaccine Ordering System User Guide, and how to access the system. Access will require a Vaccine Account Number (VAN) which will be supplied in the same email.

Register your details to receive your Vaccine Account Number.

Once you have received your Vaccine Account Number you can access the vaccine ordering system using the Funded Vaccines Order here button below. The Recommended Vaccine Stock Levels Fact Sheet (PDF 730KB) provides advice on determining how many vaccines to order each fortnight, to minimise the risk of over or under-ordering.

Order here for funded vaccines

Hint: Save the Login page to your Favourites/Bookmarks for easy access.

Ordering other vaccines

Yellow fever vaccines

Medical centres providing yellow fever vaccine must be approved by their state or territory health department, as per World Health Organization recommendations.

For information on how to become an approved yellow fever vaccine provider in South Australia see Accessing yellow fever vaccines.

Rabies vaccine (post exposure)

Due to the severity of symptoms, vaccines and immunoglobulin used for post exposure treatment for rabies or bat lyssavirus are free, if coordinated through SA Health.

For more information see Reporting of post exposure treatment for rabies or Australian bat lyssavirus

Q fever vaccines

Health professionals requesting Q fever vaccines are directed to contact Seqiris Australia


Health professionals requesting immunoglobulin are directed to contact Australian Red Cross LifeBlood Service on (08) 8223 6090 or (08) 8442 1201.

Further information

For further information contact the Vaccine Distribution Centre on (08) 7425 7139.