Accessing yellow fever vaccines

Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for travellers visiting yellow fever endemic countries as listed by the World Health Organization.

Vaccine providers

The Department of Health has developed the National Guidelines for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres and Providers.

A practitioner seeking to prescribe and administer the yellow fever vaccine at a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre is required to successfully complete the online training program, Yellow Fever Vaccination Course. Practitioners currently providing the vaccine have up to three years to complete the course. New providers are required to complete the course prior to applying to become an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

In Australia, medical centres providing yellow fever vaccine must be approved by their State or Territory Health Department, as per World Health Organization recommendations.

South Australian providers

See Approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Providers in South Australia (PDF 91KB) for a list of approved yellow fever vaccination providers.

Approval of medical centres to provide yellow fever vaccine

Medical centres currently approved

To maintain status as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, an approved medical practice must ensure that all practitioners, responsible for the provision of the vaccine, meet the individual accreditation requirements introduced on 26 November 2018. Vaccination providers can become accredited by successfully completing the Yellow Fever Vaccination Course and providing the certificate of completion to the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre at which they intend to practice. 

Applying to become an approved yellow fever vaccination clinic

  1. To become an approved yellow fever vaccination clinic, immunisation providers must complete the Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre application package.
  2. The application package along with the required documentation is then to be emailed to
  3. Once received and it has been determined that all the requirements have been met, the facility is declared a yellow fever provider and will receive a letter of confirmation and a World Health Organization (WHO) approved identification stamp.
  4. Approved providers can then contact Sanofi Pasteur (the yellow fever vaccine distributor) to arrange vaccine supply and the yellow International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis booklets. This is the required documentation for yellow fever vaccination under international health regulations.

Change of details 

The change of details form must be completed by the applicant (principal practitioner) and emailed to within 7 days of any change to your practice or provider details.