Immunisation provider information

Information for health professionals on various immunisation-related topics including clinical updates, handling vaccines, delivering immunisations and the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Immunisation programs

To keep up to date with immunisation updates and program recommendations from the SA Health Immunisation Section:

  • Vaccine providers can access updates via the Vaccine Distribution Centre noticeboard and emails.
  • Primary health care providers can subscribe to the SA Health GP News Health GP News for a bi-monthly email newsletter including immunisation updates.
  • School Immunisation Providers will receive email updates.

The following resources have the latest national immunisation news and information:

Nationally funded

The National Immunisation Program includes:

State funded

Other (non-funded)

Vaccines are free under National and State funded programs for eligible people, however, some immunisation providers may charge a consultation or service fee. Please discuss any costs for receiving funded vaccines with your immunisation provider.

School Immunisation Program

The School Immunisation Program provider resources include:

Australian Immunisation Register

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) records vaccines for people of all ages in Australia. All providers delivering immunisation services must report doses administered to the AIR. To apply to register with AIR, see Immunisation records and registers.

Catch-up schedules and the Immunisation Calculator

A catch-up schedule, to determine the vaccines required for optimum protection, is calculated on age, vaccination history, current recommendations and risk factors for those that may have missed or delayed some of the scheduled vaccines.

The Commonwealth Government’s Immunisation Calculator calculates catch-up schedules based on the Australian National Immunisation Program schedule for children up to their 10th birthday. For information on catch-up schedules for individuals aged 10 years of age and over, see the Australian Immunisation Handbook catch up guidelines.

Coverage rates

Immunisation coverage rates for South Australia are available from the Australian Immunisation Register.

Clinical resources

SA Health immunisation resources

The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) is a research organisation that provides independent expert advice on all aspects of vaccine preventable diseases, and other issues related to immunisation. Resources include:

  • Fact sheets on vaccines, vaccine components, immunisation programs and hints for using the AIR
  • SKAI (Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation), which has information for parents about vaccination
  • eLearning module for healthcare workers to assist with communication with parents about vaccination.

Travel vaccination

For information on travel vaccination see the Smartraveller website or contact a travel vaccination centre.

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