Pharmacists and Sunrise EMR & PAS

Many public hospitals and healthcare facilities in South Australia use SA Health’s electronic medical record, Sunrise EMR, to manage and document patient care. The system is used in both metropolitan and regional locations – view the list of locations.

In addition to improving clinical and administrative processes, Sunrise EMR delivers improvements to medication management through electronically generated prescriptions.

As a pharmacist working in the community, it is possible you may be presented with Sunrise-generated prescriptions for dispensing by customers.

Sunrise electronic prescriptions

If you are uncertain about any information printed on Sunrise-generated prescription presented to you for dispensing, please speak to the prescriber by contacting the SA Health hospital or healthcare service where the prescription was generated.

If it is not possible to contact the prescriber, contact the hospital's Pharmacy Department directly.

Sunrise and My Health Record 

Sunrise EMR is state-based patient electronic medical record that is different to the federal government’s My Health Record; however, they do overlap in some instances. If you would like to know more, view information for GPs.

Patient privacy in Sunrise

Sunrise EMR keeps patient medical information private and secure, and it is not possible to opt out of the system – view information for patients, families and community

Further information

Further information about Sunrise EMR can also be found on the SA Health’s website at or email