SA Health's electronic medical record for patients, families and the community

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in public health services (PDF 589KB), health and medical research, and policy development and planning.

Community wellbeing illness prevention, early intervention and quality care are priorities for SA Health.

One way SA Health is demonstrating its commitment to the health care of South Australians is by expanding use of its electronic medical record to include more public hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Sunrise EMR is used at many state public hospitals and healthcare facilities (view all locations (PDF 946KB)) where it replaces the need for paper-based medical record documents, and delivers benefits to patients (PDF 226KB).

What are the benefits of a patient electronic medical record?

Having one electronic medical record that can be accessed by clinicians as you move between public health services in South Australia can provide many benefits to patients and staff:

  • With the same system in use at more healthcare facilities in South Australia, patients may experience improved consistency in administrative and clinical processes as they move between sites.
  • Receiving more efficient care from healthcare workers who can immediately access your medical record at the time and place of treatment from any Sunrise-networked facility.
  • Sunrise EMR allows clinicians to order diagnostic tests and medications electronically, and to view and discuss results on-screen at a patient’s bedside.
  • Improved security and confidentiality – unlike paper documentation, Sunrise EMR makes a record every time a patient’s medical information is accessed or viewed including any changes that were made and by whom.

How do I get an electronic medical record?

If you receive treatment at a South Australian public hospital or healthcare service that uses Sunrise EMR, an electronic medical record will be created for you.

What happens to my medical paper record?

If you attend a Sunrise-networked healthcare facility where paper medical records already exist for you, the paper records will be closed and stored in a secure area.

Healthcare workers will then use Sunrise EMR to manage and document your medical care and treatment.

Healthcare workers can request to view closed paper records at any time, as they do now, when they need to recall archived medical records.

If you wish to review your paper medical record, you can contact the Freedom of Information Officer at the relevant South Australian hospital or health service.

Can I opt out?

Once a public hospital or healthcare site is using Sunrise EMR, it becomes the primary patient administration and clinical documentation system. The system is central to a clinician’s ability to provide you with safe health care. For these reasons, it is not possible to opt out.

Is my medical information secure?

Yes. Patient confidentiality is built-in to ensure your information remains private.

Sunrise EMR has multiple levels of security to ensure only healthcare workers with the appropriate training and credentials to document your care can view your record.

Unlike paper documentation, Sunrise EMR has security features that provide a transparent audit trail to the documentation of your medical history. For example, the system makes a record every time a patient’s medical information is accessed or viewed including any changes that were made and by whom.

Sunrise EMR and My Health Record

My Health Record is a nationally controlled and secure online summary of a patient’s health information. Patients with a My Health Record can control what information goes into it, and can choose whether or not to share their health information with authorised doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers.

Sunrise is a state-based electronic medical record that is only accessed by healthcare workers in South Australian public hospitals and health services where Sunrise is used.

Unless you have chosen not to have My Health Record or not to share your My Health Record information with authorised healthcare providers, it may be accessed at Sunrise healthcare sites by staff who are providing you with medical treatment to ensure continuity of care. 

Discharge summaries from Sunrise are shared to a patient’s My Health Record unless you advise your doctor not to send on each visit.

The following list contains examples of key clinical documents that can be viewed in Sunrise from an individual’s My Health Record where one exists:

  • Discharge (separation) summaries
  • Pathology and medical imaging reports
  • Prescription and pharmacy dispensing information
  • Letters from specialists
  • Advance Care Directives

For further information, visit the My Health Record website.

For more information

If you require more information on the Sunrise system, please contact the EMR Project team via email