Southern Early Childhood and Family Services at SALHN

Southern Early Childhood and Family Services (Southern - EC&FS) within GP Plus Centres Marion, Noarlunga and Aldinga provide services for children birth to preschool entry with or at risk of developmental delays and their families.

Services are provided by teams of speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

Interventions are family centred and holistic, working in partnership with families and other ‘child and family services’ to support parenting , child health, wellbeing and development.

Interventions focus on the child’s development, parent/ child relationship concerns, parental wellbeing and capacity to parent.

Southern-EC&FS are often the first point of referral for young children and their families when there are concerns regarding their development. Services work with and support families to link with other specialist and community services.

Southern-EC&FS offer a suite of interventions including individual, joint and group sessions.

Inclusion criteria

  • Children from birth to preschool entry with a developmental delay , who at point of referral are not eligible for NDIS funding

Note: at times Southern - EC&FS are the first point of contact for families or start working with them and realise they are likely to be NDIS eligible. Southern - EC&FS then support them through the referral process and hold them until they are accessing NDIS funded services.

  • Southern-EC&FS prioritise children under the Guardianship of the Minister and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Exclusion criteria

  • Attending DECD preschool, attending school
  • Primary concern emotional /behavioural in the absence of developmental delays
  • Children with a disability or delay which makes them eligible for NDIS.

We ask that if other providers believe the child is eligible for NDIS funding that they support the family through this process.


Early Childhood and Family Services Referral Form (PDF 241KB)

Templates for GP systems

SALHN Early Childhood and Family Services Referral Form - Medical Director (RTF 110KB)
SALHN Early Childhood and Family Services Referral Form - Best Practice (RTF 144KB)

Fact Sheets

Importing templates into Medical Director - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)
Importing templates into Best Practice - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)

Contact details

Phone:  (08) 8384 9611
Fax: (08) 8384 9727
Email: ICSEC&