How to submit an application to the Research Governance Office at NALHN

The following process outlines the steps required to successfully submit a research application.

  1. Follow the completion guidelines (Clinical Trials, Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials, Other Research Projects , Quality Assurance and Audits)
  2. Complete the Site-Specific Assessment (SSA) Cover sheet
  3. Email the cover sheet, SSA, and ALL supporting documents to

Hard copies of the application are not required (except for Clinical Trial Research Agreements (CTRA) and Medicines Australia Indemnity forms).

If you used Online Forms to complete the ethics application be aware that Online Forms does NOT notify the RGO that you have made a submission. You will need to be submit this to the RGO via email.

Resources to assist with an application

Once submitted, your application is reviewed by the RGO for final authorisation by delegated officer. The project must not commence until you receive a letter of authorisation from the RGO.

NALHN supports dual submission of ethics and governance applications. While SSAs can be submitted at any time before the project commences, dual submission allows the governance and ethical review to occur in parallel. A Human Research Ethics Committees (HREC) approval is not sufficient to start a study. A final endorsement letter will be provided for the SSA only where HREC approval is obtained and the letter provided to the RGO.

If you have not submitted an application within 3 months of receiving ethical approval, the RGO will contact the Principal Investigator for clarification. Please contact the RGO if you anticipate a lengthy delay in submitting an SSA.

Partially completed (unsigned/invalid) applications will be returned to the applicant.