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All SA Health policies that are overdue for review remain in force and continue to be applicable until they are rescinded or updated, irrespective of their scheduled review date.


The Risk, Compliance and Audit Domain encompasses the areas of Risk Management, Audit and Assurance and Compliance Management.


The purpose of this Domain is to:

  • Ensure the application of a consistent system-wide approach to the management of risk, audit and compliance matters within SA Health.
  • Ensure staff awareness of the mandatory risk, audit and compliance requirements that apply across SA Health.
  • Provide frameworks, tools and resources to assist with implementing mandatory risk, audit and compliance requirements consistently across SA Health.
  • Ensure SA Health operates in line with relevant laws, rules and regulations, whole of government policy, and corporate governance obligations.


  • We provide a consistent and disciplined system-wide approach to the application of risk, compliance and audit practices across SA Health.
  • We use risk, compliance and audit practices to protect the integrity, reputation, and resources of SA Health.
  • We use our risk, compliance and audit practices to monitor and manage the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and drive improvements in performance.


Director Risk and Assurance Services