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All SA Health policies that are overdue for review remain in force and continue to be applicable until they are rescinded or updated, irrespective of their scheduled review date.


The Aboriginal Health Policy Domain encompasses matters relating to Aboriginal peoples, cultures and communities.


The purpose of this Domain is to:

  • Ensure a system-wide approach to effective engagement of Aboriginal peoples and communities in decision making processes
  • Ensure staff awareness of the requirements, standards and processes that apply across SA Health in relation to delivery of equitable and respectful services to Aboriginal peoples and communities
  • Ensure clarity of staff roles, responsibilities and performance expectation in relation to cultural safety, capability and awareness
  • Ensure governance arrangements are in place to monitor the impact of SA Health projects and programs on Aboriginal peoples and communities and associated decision making
  • Ensure compliance with relevant state and national legislation and policy requirements for Closing the Gap


  • We apply a consistent system-wide approach to establish services and practices to be non-discriminatory and inclusive of Aboriginal people, respectful of Aboriginal beliefs and cultures, fostering Aboriginal self-determination
  • We recognise Aboriginal people are the experts for Aboriginal matters
  • We recognise Aboriginal people as the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live.


Chief Aboriginal Health Officer