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All SA Health policies that are overdue for review remain in force and continue to be applicable until they are rescinded or updated, irrespective of their scheduled review date.


The Teaching and Training Domain encompasses the areas of teaching and training for staff across SA Health.


The purpose of this Domain is to:

  • Ensure there is a consistent, strategic system-wide approach to teaching and training across SA Health.
  • Ensure there is awareness of the teaching and training requirements, structures and systems in place across SA Health.
  • Ensure education requirements that apply to distinct program areas or staff groups within SA Health are clear.
  • Ensure SA Health complies with any professional education and training standards and requirements associated with the services and programs it delivers.
  • Ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities across SA Health for teaching and training.


  • We apply a consistent, strategic system-wide approach to teaching and training across SA Health.
  • We provide high quality accessible education and training across SA Health to increase the capability of staff in providing safe, efficient and quality care.
  • We align our teaching and training strategies and activities with the standards and requirements of professional education and governing bodies.
  • We provide contemporary education and training that takes into account key environmental factors relevant to SA Health and the public health sector more broadly.
  • We provide education and training activities that support the capability, supply and distribution of SA Health staff.


Chief Allied and Scientific Health Officer