South Australian Formulary Committee (SAFC)

The South Australian Formulary Committee (SAFC) was established October 2012 with the mission to develop and maintain the South Australian Medicines Formulary (SAMF). A statewide approach will optimise the quality use of medicines, improve and promote equity of access to medicines for patients and increase the cost-effectiveness of medicine use across SA Health.

Operating as a subcommittee of South Australian Medicines Advisory committee (SAMAC), the SAFC has a diverse range of expert membership across all Local Health Networks. Expertise includes a broad range of medical specialities, pharmacy, nursing, economic/epidemiological expertise and a consumer advocate.

SAFC will consider all medicines used and proposed for use within SA public hospitals and health services within therapeutic classes to determine a core list of medicines suitable for use across SA Health.

During formulary development and maintenance the SAFC will undertake consultation with key clinical stakeholders including Drug and Therapeutic Committees (DTCs), and key specialists or experts in the field. SAFC will work closely with the SA Health eHealth team to ensure that clinicians are supported to prescribe according to the formulary and optimise consistency of approach across the state.

High cost medicines will continue to be evaluated by SA Medicines Evaluation Panel (SAMEP).


South Australian Formulary Committee Membership at August 2019

Representative area Name Job title


Dr Nicholas Farinola

Clinical Pharmacologist, General Physician, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Women's and Children's Ms Catherine Booth Formulary Pharmacist, Women's and Children's Health Network

Medicines and Technology Programs and Out of Hospital Services

Ms Naomi Burgess

Director, Medicines and Technology Programs (MTP) and Out of Hospital Pharmacy Services, SA Health


Ms Celine Chee

Specialist Pharmacist – Quality Use of Medicines, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Nurse/Midwifery/Nurse Practioners Ms Debra Earl Nurse Practioner, Acute Cardiac Assessment, Lyell McEwin Hospital

SA Pharmacy, Statewide Formulary Portfolio Lead

Mr Vaughn Eaton

Director of Pharmacy, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Pharmacy

Junior Medical Dr Jessica Gehlert Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Nurse/Midwifery/Nurse Practioners Ms Sharon Horn Nurse Practioner, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Senior Medical

Dr Sally Johns

Staff Specialist Geriatrician, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Junior Medical
Dr Xiu Qin Lim
Clinical Pharmacology Trainee, Flinders Medical Centre / Addiction Medicine Physician DASSA


Ms Anna McClure

Director of Pharmacy, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Pharmacy

Senior Medical

Dr Angela Molga

Clinical Pharmacologist, Central Adelaide Local Health Network Geriatrician, Northern Adelaide Health Network.

Health Economist

A/Prof John Moss

Associate Professor, School of Population Health, University of Adelaide

Senior Medical
Dr Lynette Rose
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Carramar Community Mental Health Team, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
Nurse/Midwifery/Nurse Practioners Ms Barbie Sawyer Nurse Practioner Diabetes, South East Regional Community Health Service, Lower South East Health Service, Country Health SA.
Junior Medical Dr Senthuran Shivakumar Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology, Flinders Medical Centre


Mr Ray Skinner

Chief Pharmacist, Port Pirie Hospital

Junior Medical
Dr Paul Wabnitz
Clinical Pharmacology Trainee, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Consumer Representative

Mrs Lynda Whiteway

Consumer Representative

Executive Officer
Ms Rachael Cheh
Senior Pharmacist, SA Pharmacy

Further information

For further information or any enquiries relating to formulary applications or processes please contact the SAFC Executive Officer by email or phone (08) 8204 8998.

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