Patients don’t always have to be in a physical hospital to receive the care they need. My Home Hospital brings hospital-level care straight to the patient in the comfort of their own home.

My Home Hospital is available at no charge to eligible public patients from:

  • across metro Adelaide
  • Gawler and Mount Barker regions and surrounds
  • the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula towns of Goolwa, Goolwa North, Goolwa South, Goolwa Beach, Middleton, Port Elliot, McCracken, Hayborough, Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay.

Patients can be referred to My Home Hospital by their GP, medical specialist, nurse practitioner, an SA Ambulance Service paramedic or from an emergency department or hospital. 

Also see, Patient information brochure, including translated versions


Patients may be eligible for My Home Hospital if they require acute, in-patient treatment for conditions like:

  • infections requiring IV antibiotics (eg cellulitis, pneumonia, mastitis)
  • exacerbation of respiratory conditions
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)
  • heart failure
  • post-operative care
  • other conditions for which home based hospital care is safe and appropriate.

Patients must also:

  • provide their consent to receive services as part of My Home Hospital
  • be aged 13 years or older
  • be eligible for Medicare
  • have a safe home environment for themselves, their carer if they have one, and the health professionals who provide care, including access to a working telephone.

What are the benefits of My Home Hospital?

My Home Hospital brings the care to you – doctors, nurses, allied health, some x-rays and blood tests, medication and other support services such as meals and personal care, if necessary.

We develop a personalised treatment and care plan, so you can receive acute care in the comfort of your own home. Our health check technology offers you peace of mind, knowing that we can immediately identify any issues with your results and respond as needed.

The benefits of care at home include:

  • more time with loved ones and pets, which can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing
  • the comfort of being in your own familiar surroundings, your own bed and access to food you like
  • not having to travel to a hospital, meaning your visitors are spending less money and time on public transport or car parking and time off work
  • your loved ones can visit you at any time of day you choose, for the length of time that suits you both.

What services are available?

You will be given a touch-screen tablet and equipment for health checks. This will help with regular communication with your care team, including video calling. Your care team is available at any time of the day or night and will be able to see your checks like temperature, blood pressure and pulse as soon as you take them.

A nurse will visit you at home to set up your health check equipment and show you how to use it. You will have at least one visit from a nurse every day during your admission. Doctors, allied health, some x-rays and blood tests, medication and other support services such as meals and personal care, if necessary, are all included in the My Home Hospital service.

Patients who live alone or have a high risk of falls may be issued a personal alarm to use during their My Home Hospital admission. Pressing this alarm will notify us immediately so we can help you.

There may be some appointments you need to attend outside of your home, for example for additional tests or scans that cannot be provided at home. We will work with you to coordinate these visits and ensure you have the support you need.

When your condition is improving, we will start planning your discharge with you. We will also work with your GP and other care providers to ensure a smooth transition back to your usual health care team.

Is there a cost for My Home Hospital?

My Home Hospital is a public hospital service and is available at no cost to eligible patients.

What happens when I am referred to My Home Hospital?

Your doctor, nurse or paramedic may discuss the option of My Home Hospital with you and they can make a referral for you if you are interested and eligible for the service.

Your health professional will provide your contact information, details about your condition and your medical history, information about any medications you are taking, and anything else that is necessary or helpful for the My Home Hospital team to know.

The My Home Hospital medical team will assess your eligibility for the service. This assessment will consider your clinical care needs, any risks or issues we need to be aware of, as well as checking whether your home is a suitable environment for you to receive home care. We may contact you for more information if required and answer any questions that you or your loved ones may have.

If you are not eligible for My Home Hospital, we will discuss alternative arrangements with your referring clinicians to help you receive the care that you need.

What happens if become more unwell during my admission?

Our medical team can be reached any time, day or night, if you become more unwell or are concerned. You will have access to a care coordinator, who is an experienced registered nurse and who is your key point of contact for any questions you may have during your admission.

Patients who live alone or who have a high risk of falls may also be issued a personal alarm to use during their My Home Hospital admission. Pressing this alarm will notify us immediately so we can help you.

In an emergency, you should call Triple Zero (000). Please let them know you’re a My Home Hospital patient so they can get any relevant care information from us straight away. My Home Hospital works closely with SA Ambulance Service to make sure we can respond to you in an emergency.

Privacy and patient rights

The privacy and security of your personal information is important to My Home Hospital.

Any personal and health information held by the health service is confidential and will be treated with the utmost care.

Everybody who is seeking or receiving care in the South Australian health system has rights, which are detailed in the Patient Charter of Rights (PDF 616KB).

Calvary Amplar Health

My Home Hospital is delivered by Calvary Amplar Health JV Pty Ltd, a joint venture between Calvary Health Care and Amplar Health, which recognises the importance of protecting your privacy and rights in relation to your personal information. See the Calvary Amplar Health privacy policy for more information about how your personal information is collected and managed.

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