Patient entertainment

A pre-paid patient entertainment service is available via bedside monitors at 11 public hospitals in South Australia:

Service costs

For information about service usage costs, payments (including exemptions) and service availability, enquire directly with the relevant hospital.

I need help with the patient entertainment system

If you are currently in hospital and experiencing an issue with the patient entertainment system, call the Telstra Help Desk on 1800 028 680 between 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

The operator will need to know which hospital you are in, your ward and bed number/bedside extension so please have this information ready before calling.

The Help Desk can assist with:

  • How to use the patient entertainment system.
  • Forgotten login ID or PIN.
  • How to access a refund.

To provide feedback or lodge a complaint, visit bedside entertainment feedback
and complaints.

Bedside monitors and patient electronic medical record

Bedside monitors are dual purpose at hospitals that use the electronic medical record (Sunrise EMR & PAS) – view locations.

As well as providing patient entertainment, bedside monitors at these hospitals are also a tool for clinicians to document details about a patient’s health care directly into the patient’s electronic medical record.

Clinicians who may need to access the bedside monitor include all healthcare staff involved in a patient’s care such as doctors, nurses, specialists and allied health professionals.

The availability of bedside access to a patient’s electronic medical record has many benefits both for patients and clinicians – view the fact sheet (PDF 225KB) to learn more.

Interruptions to patient entertainment services

Interruptions to the patient entertainment service will occur when a clinician requires access to a patient’s medical record while at their bedside, however, it is anticipated that the majority of clinical interruptions will be brief.

If you have purchased a movie, it will pause automatically and then continue once the clinician logs out of the system. Extensions to entertainment services are not provided.

More information

To provide feedback or lodge a complaint about the patient entertainment system, visit bedside entertainment feedback and complaints.

For information about the patient electronic medical record visit the SA Health website at