Heatwaves during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, it is important for your health and the health of your baby that you follow the tips in this guide when the weather is hot.

During pregnancy, most women have higher body temperatures, making them more sensitive to heat in hot weather.

For this reason, pregnant women need to take extra steps to make sure they and their unborn babies do not overheat:

  • If you feel unwell because of the heat, it is important that you stop what you are doing and lie down in a cool, air-conditioned room.
  • If your symptoms continue, speak with your General Practitioner, obstetrician, midwife or the maternity unit where you plan to give birth for specific medical advice.
  • Pace yourself. Ask for help if you are too hot or tired to cook, clean, or run errands. Put your feet up whenever you can. Growing a baby is hard work and you need plenty of rest during the day.
  • Lying and sleeping on your left side will mean that more blood and nutrients will reach the placenta and your baby.

In a medical emergency, always call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.

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