Advance Care Directives made using the previous form (before 1 March 2024) remain legally valid.

If you have started an Advance Care Directive using the previous form but not yet completed it, you can still complete the previous form, or you can choose to use the new form.

Note - Part 7b of the previous versions of the new ACD form (online and printed) references ‘Section 15(b)’ of the Act. Please note the online forms have been amended to read ‘Section 15(1)(b)’. This does not affect the validity of the previous online versions or current hardcopy forms.

There may be a time in your life when you can’t make your own decisions.

This could be because of a sudden accident or illness. An Advance Care Directive empowers you to  make clear legal arrangements for your future health care, end of life, preferred living arrangements and other personal matters.