Working in a world class Adelaide teaching hospital you'll find yourself gaining both specialised clinical and broad general experience, every day.
You'll quickly find yourself a valued member of a real hospital community, one that encourages relationships with patients, while providing the opportunity to gain high quality clinical experience.

'A fantastic environment where colleagues can quickly turn into friends.'

You'll be given the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative culture, drawing upon the knowledge of your peers and senior pharmacists, encouraging you to put down a strong foundation for a long and fruitful career as a Hospital Pharmacist.

'I chose SA Health as the best place to work as a Pharmacist. After twelve great years, a Deputy Directorship and two small kids I still can't imagine leaving.'


I joined The Royal Adelaide to train as a Pharmacist and left for The Repatriation General Hospital as an AHP3. I never thought I'd still be here 12 years later as the Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator - a team leader and one of the department's deputy directors.

SA Pharmacy is a fantastic place to gain both specialised clinical and broad general experience. Now there's a centralised SA Pharmacy Candidate Pool where you can register to find work. So if you'd like to work in an environment where colleagues can turn into friends, follow my lead. Read more of Wassana's story.

The benefits

There are five key benefits you will receive from choosing SA Pharmacy as your early-career employer:

  • A World-Class workplace
  • Gain clinical and broad general experience, every day
  • A collaborative and highly supportive culture promotes faster career development
  • The opportunity to move and specialise within the health system
  • Flexible working arrangements encourage an achievable work/life balance

How to Apply

Take the opportunity to show your capabilities and find out what you can really do in a friendly, supportive, team culture that fosters proactive relationships, both interdepartmental and between hospitals.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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