Outpatient specialist clinics

Urgent referrals

For urgent referrals, please contact the relevant specialty on-call clinician through Flinders Medical Centre switchboard on (08) 8204 5511 to discuss early review.

Routine referrals

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Routine process

Routine referrals to Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) Outpatient specialist clinics should be made by faxing the referral to the relevant clinic using the standard template (or the clinic specific template if available).

On receipt, routine referrals are triaged to determine their urgency level, which may take up to a few weeks. This triaging process varies between departments and is greatly facilitated by referrals being aligned with the SALHN outpatient referral guidelines if available. Referral guidelines have been developed by some specialities and outline triage categories as well as essential clinical information to allow for safe clinical triaging in a safe and consistent manner. The referring doctor may be asked to provide additional clinical information to assist with the triaging process if essential clinical information needs to be clarified.

Contact is usually made back via letter to the referring doctor and the patient after the referral has been triaged. A letter is usually posted to the patient 3 weeks before the appointment date to confirm appointment details.

Status of referrals

The status of each referral can be checked by calling the relevant clinic. A report outlining waiting times per specialty is available in the Specialist Outpatient Waiting Times Report which provides an indication of usual wait times (scroll down for latest report).

Clinical guidance

Additional clinical guidance with suggested GP management and referral pathways can be found at HealthPathways SA or through additional clinical support options. This may assist while the referral is being triaged and/or the patient is waiting to be seen. Further information can be found on the Outpatient Referral Process page.