The Limestone Coast Local Health Network (LCLHN) is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and their carers, through promoting a disability-friendly approach to our services, increasing opportunities for engagement and contribution, improving physical access to buildings and facilities, and enhancing disability awareness and understanding among staff and volunteers.

The LCLHN Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF 1.5MB) is part of the broader South Australian Government’s goal to improve the lives of people living with disability and their carers, and moves us closer to a fully inclusive society in the Limestone Coast.

The LCLHN Disability Access and Inclusion Plan features continuous quality improvements to our health facilities, services and communications to ensure we provide disability access and inclusion for all people.


The LCLHN Disability Access and Inclusion Plan is structured around the themes and priority areas of the Inclusive SA: State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019–2023.

  1. Inclusive communities for all

  2. Leadership and collaboration

  3. Accessible communities

  4. Learning and employment

Download the LCLHN Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF 1.5MB)