Facility planning process

The following outline provides an overview of the current process for the planning and design of health facilities, based on whole of government policy and processes. This process will be updated once the Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) Case for Change is released.

Step 1: Strategic analysis and identification of infrastructure needs

  • this will be informed by the updated SA Health Care Plan 2007-21
  • the development of the Infrastructure outcomes will be led by Capital Planning and Evaluation unit in Infrastructure

Step 2: Business case

  • the Capital Planning and Evaluation unit will advise when a business case is required
  • an appropriately resourced team will be formed to guide the development of the business case. Resources may include a health planner and an architect and team
  • the business case will have a Part One Service delivery and Operational Requirement and Part 2 Options Analysis and Recommendation. Part 1 must be signed off before detailed work on Part 2 is commenced
  • the completed business case will have an accommodation schedule (Part 1) and detailed financial analysis including budget impact and cost plan (part 2) which is to be signed off by the Chief Finance Officer
  • the signed-off business case will be the basis of the Budget funding submission.

Step 3: Project substantiation and development of full business case

  • for most DHW capital projects concept development will commence at this stage
  • responsibility of DHW and Regions
  • results in the production of a full business case and an initial concept design
  • architects/ design consultants will be engaged on the basis of a completed brief. This will have been developed using the HFG. Any variations against the HFG that have been approved by the responsible DHW and Health Service executive officers and endorsed by the Group Director Infrastructure will be listed in the brief.

Step 4: Project development

  • this stage requires submission of the proposed project for Public Works Committee (PWC) and Cabinet approval
  • results in the inclusion of the project in an approved government program
  • responsibility of DHW and Regions.

Step 5: Delivery

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