Closing the gap at SALHN

Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-21 Update

The Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-21 will be released this year.  The Plan will outline SALHN’s deep commitment to learning from past mistakes and also focus on achievements and opportunities to build stronger, sustained relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, patients, carers and staff.

Aboriginal Health Services

SALHN’s Aboriginal Family Clinics are the clinical service delivery arm of the Aboriginal Health Service and provides comprehensive health care in the community, tailored meaningfully for the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumer’s needs.

The Clinic now has three general practitioners, Dr Kali Hayward and Dr Matthew Bourke and Dr Annapurna Nori and also offers access to Traditional Healers (or Ngangkari) to consumers.

Karpa Ngarrattendi 

The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Unit (Karpa Ngarrattendi) began operating at Flinders Medical Centre in November 1997, and was officially opened and given the traditional Kaurna name Karpa Ngarrattendi in February 1999.

Karpa provides a range of culturally sensitive services including ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, their escorts and family understand medical procedures and hospital routines.

Please contact Karpa Ngarrattendi by calling (08) 8204 6359 or email for more information

SALHN Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consumer Group

SALHN’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consumer Group was established in February 2019. 

This new consumer group is a very exciting initiative that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to partner with SALHN to form genuine formal partnership and provide a forum for ongoing engagement.

There are 13 Members from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background who will have a significant role in:

  • Providing advice, feedback and improvement suggestions relating to the healthcare needs and issues of Aboriginal people to enable SALHN to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for our community.
  • Identifying, promoting and reflecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture within SALHN Buildings and spaces.
  • Providing feedback and input to SALHN on its services, planning and performance in relation to the care and support provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

Special event

On Thursday 21 March SALHN hosted a special event by the creek bed area of Flinders Medical Centre.

This year, SALHN will begin the process of engaging with Kaurna elders and artists Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer and Gavin Malone on the future of Tappa Purruna (space between the Rehabilitation Building and FMC Building).

This particular site was selected by the artists years ago to connect the cleansing waters of the nearby creek with the hospital building.

The underlying theme of Tappa Purruna ‘The Journey of Life’ is symbolic of the cycle of birth, life and death and acknowledges the Kaurna people’s custodianship of the land and their continuing presence, in a place of healing.