Geriatric Evaluation and Management Units

Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) Units services provide specialised high quality care to older South Australians for problems unique to old age. GEM services are staffed by a multidisciplinary team where the patient is admitted under the care of a specialist geriatrician. 

The goal of GEM services is to assess the issues and establish a rehabilitation program to minimise disability and reduce the need to seek residential care.

These services often admit patients who have fallen or may have cognitive difficulties as well as a range of other medical problems that lead to difficulty for older people when caring for themselves. 

Metro service locations 

Rural service locations

Models of care

Clinicians and consumers led the development of the following SA Health endorsed Model of Care Documents.

These documents describe the structure and function of Area Geriatric Services across Central Adelaide, Northern Adelaide and Southern Adelaide Local Health Networks.