Quit smoking campaigns

SA Health runs two quit smoking campaigns; a statewide campaign known as ‘Be Smoke Free’ and an Aboriginal-focused campaign called ‘Give Up Smokes’.

Research shows that a strong quit smoking campaign, as part of a suite of tobacco control strategies, is a highly effective way to reduce smoking rates in the community.

The purpose of the campaigns is to encourage smokers to quit in the way that best suits them. Quitting smoking at any age will help to improve your health. For more information on the benefits of quitting, visit Why I should Quit on the Be Smoke Free website.

Be smoke free

‘Be smoke free’ is a state-wide quit smoking campaign that is led by television advertisements. The campaign airs a variety of quit smoking television advertisements all year round. When quit smoking advertising is taken off air for any length of time, evidence shows there is a risk of smoking rates increasing.

Advertisement styles

Advertisement styles include:

  • threatening – demonstrating the negative health and other outcomes from smoking
  • motivational/encouragement – demonstrating how your life and health can be better if you quit smoking
  • testimonials – people telling their stories about how smoking affected their health or how quitting smoking improved their lives and health.

Different styles of advertisements are used to connect with smokers at different stages of their quit smoking journey.

Television advertising is supported by online advertising that uses the imagery from the television advertisements and reminds smokers of the messages in those advertisements. Other online advertisements promote tools on the campaign website - Be Smoke Free website.


These tools include:

  • a smoker cost calculator that demonstrates how much a smoker spends on cigarettes
  • a one-minute smoking quiz to help smokers understand the reasons they smoke – addiction, habit or emotion – with specific information for smokers of each type
  • a web chat that connects smokers online with a Quitline counsellor, which is available on every page of the website.

Aims of the website

The aim of the website - besmokefree.com.au is to support smokers to quit smoking their own way. It provides a variety of information as well as links to supports such as:

  • Quitline (13 78 48) – a confidential phone-based advice and information service with support provided by trained counsellors
  • My QuitBuddy app – the Australian Government’s quit smoking app, which provides tips and distractions to overcome cravings, tracking systems to chart your progress and information about the impact of smoking on health.

Give up smokes

Tobacco use causes the greatest burden of disease for Aboriginal people. The ‘Give up smokes’ Aboriginal-focused campaign aims to encourage Aboriginal people to quit smoking to improve the lives of smokers and others affected by their smoking.

The campaign comprises of paid advertising, campaign-specific resources and community partnerships. Paid advertising includes posters and banners in bus shelters, shopping centres and sports grounds, and online advertisements.

Online advertising directs Aboriginal smokers to the campaign website - which includes information and support for quitting smoking. Links to Quitline (13 78 48) and the My QuitBuddy app are available throughout the website, but a number of other options for quitting smoking are also offered as well as inspiring content:

The campaign works closely with community organisations and groups with strong connections to Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal community is involved in the development of the campaign resources, providing feedback on all aspects from wording through to the use of themes and colours that is incorporated into the final artwork. Campaign-specific resources such as calendars are produced and distributed to promote the campaign and its connection to community.