You are reading this because you have been asked to help someone complete an Advance Care Directive and English is their second language. Please read the information for interpreters (PDF 90KB)

The person may have already completed an Advance Care Directive in their own language. If they have, you will need another blank Advance Care Directive form (PDF 434KB) and to translate their words into English on the new form.

The official copy of the person’s Advance Care Directive must be in English so others, especially those providing health care, can read it. As the interpreter, you must fill in Part 8 of the Advance Care Directive form.

Interpreters are now able to sign digitally on the Advance Care Directive form. See, configuring a digital ID in Adobe (PDF 534KB).

Signing your name

By signing your name you are certifying that:

  • You gave the person the Advance Care Directive Information Statement (PDF 277KB) (you may have to read it to them) and in your opinion, they appeared to understand the information given. The Information Statement is available in 15 different languages on the promotional resources page.
  • Your translation, what you have written on the Advance Care Directive form, accurately reproduces in English the information and instructions of the person.

There are penalties for writing false or misleading statements on an Advance Care Directive or forcing someone to write information in an Advance Care Directive that they do not want to write.

You must explain to the person that they need to sign their Advance Care Directive in front of an authorised independent witness.

Independent witness

An independent witness means you are:

  • not a beneficiary in their Will
  • not appointed as their Substitute Decision Maker and
  • not the person’s health practitioner or paid professional carer.

You may also be able to witness their Advance Care Directive, provided that you are also an authorised witness and are independent of the person.

More information

You can download the Information for Interpreters (PDF 90KB) document, which is located within the Advance Care Directive Kit.