Safety and quality reports

Each year the SA Health Safety and Quality Unit publish reports on patient safety and measuring consumer experience. These reports are supported by a suite of materials including short community reports, fact sheets and infographics.

Measuring Consumer Experience Reports

Measuring consumer experience report 2018SA Health is committed to ensuring that the experience of consumers using its services is as positive as possible. In order to achieve this goal a number of processes have been put in place to assist SA Health to measure and understand the consumer's experience. These include consumer feedback and complaints

SA Health talks to over 2400 people across the State who have stayed overnight in a city or country public hospital to find out more about their experience. We ask them about all aspects of their stay – from how they were treated, their involvement in decision-making, care and treatment, and discharge information to hospital cleanliness and food quality.

Asking patients to report on their experiences support efforts to place certain consumers at the focus of health care safety and quality improvements. 

The Measuring Consumer Experience SA Public Hospital Annual Report  details the key findings and further analysis of the consumer's experience will ensure that we meet the best standards for our consumers.

2018 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2017 Measuring Consumer Experience Report

2016 Measuring Consumer Experience Report 

Previous Measuring Consumer Experience Reports


Safety and Quality
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Patient Safety Reports

Patient Safety report 2017 - Thumbnail 2017

The South Australian Patient Safety Reports have been developed to provide an overview of some significant achievements in a number of safety and quality programs.

Learning from incidents and near misses, education and the effective planning  and management of our systems is paramount in 'getting it right'. While many incidents do not cause significant harm to patients, they provide rich information to prevent harm to patients in the future.

Consumers and the Community Thumbnail

As such, patterns of incident types are outlined in this report along with the actions taken to decrease the likelihood of similar events occurring.

2017 Patient Safety Report

2015-16 Patient Safety Report

2014-15 Patient Safety Report


Safety & Quality 
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