Consumer experience

SA Health is committed to ensuring that the experience of consumers using its services is as positive as possible.  In order to achieve this goal a number of processes have been put in place to assist SA Health to measure and understand the consumer’s experience. These include consumer feedback and complaints.

Asking patients to report on their experiences by asking them specific questions about whether or not certain processes and events occurred during a specific episode of care will also support efforts to place consumers at the focus of health care safety and quality improvements.

South Australian Consumer Experience Surveillance System (SACESS) is an epidemiological surveillance system involving a representative, randomly selected, monthly sample of South Australian adults, aged 16 years or more who have received inpatient care. Data is obtained by means of Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) technology.

Measuring Consumer Experience reports

The Measuring Consumer Experience South Australian Public Hospital Annual Report details the key findings and further analysis of consumer experiences to ensure we meet the best standards for our consumers.

See the Safety and quality reports page for the latest Measuring Experience Report. 


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