13STAR (13 78 27) is the number for health professionals to access specialist advice and MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval services and organise urgent inter-hospital transfers.

In order to simplify the current process for obtaining emergency medical retrieval assistance and advice from MedSTAR, there is now one central point for securing retrieval services in South Australia.

As well as an access point to retrieval services, the new number is also specifically for GPs, nurses or midwives to use when they need immediate acute, critical care advice. It is important to note that this number is not for the general public, but health professionals only.

There is only one number you need to remember: 13STAR.

The new number is not to be used for emergency ambulance attendance and callers should remember to dial triple zero (000) in this instance.

13STAR does not replace current advice lines, but rather, integrates the existing lines for mental health, cardiac, paediatrics or perinatal services.

When you dial 13STAR you will be required choose one of the below options:

Press 1 - MedSTAR retrieval advice and coordination

Press 2 - cardiac services advice line (iCARnet)

Press 3 - perinatal or obstetric advice (obstetric and neonatal)

Press 4 - mental health emergency triage liaison service

Press 5 - emergency paediatric advice line

Press 6 - for urgent inter-hospital patient transfers

For routine inter-hospital patient transfers (such as hospital discharges), continue to use current booking methods with SA Ambulance Service (ie fax or online bookings).

For further information please see the 13STAR frequently asked questions.