Referral guidelines

To help make efficient use of our public health services, please follow our referral guidelines.

Outpatient services

All referrals received by outpatient clinics will be reviewed to determine the clinical urgency of the patient’s condition.

Wait times for an outpatient appointment will be varied depending on availability of services. 

Referral process

See our Outpatient Referral Process for valid referral criteria.

  • Referrals must be submitted electronically (if available) or in writing and should contain the required minimum information to ensure timely and appropriate decision making. 

  • A named referral is preferred.
  • Incomplete referrals may be returned to referrers for completion.

Clinic availability and appointments

See our Outpatient Clinics for links to public hospital outpatient clinics and specialist services.

Hospital avoidance and discharge support services

The Metropolitan Referral Unit (MRU) provides a single point of contact for referral to a range of hospital avoidance and early supported discharge services.

The service can be used for clients living in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

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