Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan 2023-26

The Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan 2023-26 (PDF 525KB) was developed in consultation with the South Australian veteran community and aims to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for veterans and their families.

The plan recognises the unique challenges veterans face due to their service, and the diverse demographics within the community.

Almost 48,000 South Australians have served or are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and more than half have reported a long-term health condition.

The Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan will help consumers understand pathways to care and better equip health professionals to identify and address the health needs of the veteran community and their families.


The plan focuses on three priority areas, including supporting access to health care for veterans, supporting veteran wellbeing, and building better evidence and data.

SA Health will support access to health care through:

  • a veteran health and wellbeing pathway
  • a veteran mental health care pathway
  • a resource map of health and wellbeing services for veterans and their families

The wide range of services available at the Repat Veteran Wellbeing Centre will be promoted, and training materials will be tailored to assist health care providers in understanding the health and wellbeing needs of veterans and their families.

SA Health will investigate processes to build better evidence through improving veteran identification in the health system and SA Health regional aged care facilities.

The actions outlined in the plan are an important step in improving the interface between health and wellbeing services and veterans and their families.


SA Health has led a focus on addressing veteran health and wellbeing needs over the past 10 years, with the Framework for Veterans’ Health Care 2012 – 2016 and the Framework for Veterans’ Health Care 2016 – 2020.

The Veteran Wellbeing Action Plan 2023-26 was developed in consultation with stakeholders in the South Australian veteran community, following a review of the 2016-2020 Framework.

The Veteran’s Health Advisory Council (VHAC) will have oversight of the implementation of this action plan.

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